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We are ready to support you with every cooling solution

ATC-DC: Introducing our new Hybrid Evaporative Condenser

Continuous Water Savings, Highest Dry Bulb Switchover Temperatures, Plume Abatement & possible Plume Elimination

Closed Circuit Cooler!

Increased Capacity, Smaller Footprint,
Energy Efficiency, Low Sound

Introducing our new Hybrid Centrifugal Fan units!

With Evapco's Thermal-Pak evaporative and ARID Fin-Pak dry cooling coil technologies

First ever SOLID Chemical Treatment System Engineered for EVAPCO Products
  • Safer & More Effective
  • Environmentally Sensitive
  • Water Saving
  • Factory Mounted on Coil Products

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We are ready to support you with every cooling solution.
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Eurovent Certita Certification (ECC) & Cooling Technology Institute (CTI) together provide industry certification of Cooling Towers and Closed Circuit Coolers covering the world.

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