Factory Assembled Cooling Towers

MTT Cooling Tower

MTT Cooling Tower

MT (Moulded Technology) open cooling towers, combining the long term EVAPCO’s knowledge in Axial Cooling Towers design and construction with the innovation of self-supporting fiberglass structure.

The casing is made of LRTM (Light Resin Transfer Moulding) fiberglass panels. LRTM is a highly automated manufacturing process, used also in aerospace and marine industry that yields close tolerances between the designed and finished part, in addition to providing a two sided high quality finish to our FRP panels.

The MTT is executed as standard with all dry parts in Z-725 (725 g/m² zinc) galvanized steel, while wetted ones are in AISI 304L. For special applications, Evapco can produce the MTT-units with a total stainless steel hardware (both AISI 304 and 316 are possible).

The MTT cooling tower range is CTI (Cooling Technology Institute) certified in the USA. Evapco Europe provides with each cooling tower a Thermal Performance Guarantee. MTT-units are constructed of 1 cells with a maximum nominal capacity of 5 MW.

The cooling tower fill material is PVC (polyvinyl chloride) with crossfluted design for optimum heat transfer, strength and stability. The fill is resistant to rot, decay, or biological attack. The fill is able to withstand a water temperature of 55ºC. As for AT line, low sound solutions are available also for MTT.

The MTT construction material guarantees durable corrosion protection. The fiberglass stands-up against the most severe environmental conditions and water qualities. Full stainless steel hardware execution is an option.