SAGE Control System

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Maximize the water or energy savings of your eco-cooler with EVAPCO’s Sage® Water and Energy Conservation System! The Sage system operates the eco unit in a manner which maximizes water or energy savings, based on the client's water or energy savings priority.

Manufacturer Supplied and Programmed

Using our patented Sage Control System guarantees seamless integration with your eco unit, reduced field installation times, and maintains EVAPCO as your single-source cooling solution.

Adaptive Control Sequence for Ultimate Savings
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The Sage control system can be set to either maximize water or energy efficiency. By measuring and then analyzing real-time load and weather data, the Sage control system switches between various modes of operation, readily adjusting fan speed and switching from dry to evaporative mode as load and conditions require, based on the prioritizing of water or energy savings.

When set to prioritize water savings, the Sage control system varies the unit between dry and evaporative modes of operation in order to minimize time spent in evaporative mode.

When set to prioritize energy savings, the Sage control system varies the unit between dry and evaporative modes of operation, and controls fan speed and pump operation in an effort to maximize energy savings.

Sage 3, exclusively for the eco ATWB-E

In the case of the eco ATWB-E, the Sage control system enables a third mode of operation: water efficient mode. In this mode, the eco ATWB-E runs 50% in wet-mode, 50% in dry-mode, further increasing water efficiency and savings depending on load conditions.

Enjoy the full benefits of the Sage control system with one of EVAPCO's unmatched hybrid cooling units:

ATC-DC evaporative condenser, the ultimate solution for food process and large tonnage industrial process installations seeking the highest dry bulb switchover temperatures, reduced water usage, high peak-load output, and plume abatement.

eco ATWB-H closed circuit cooler, with the highest dry bulb switchover in the industry.

Explore EVAPCO's full range of eco units:

eco ATC-A and eco-PMC evaporative condensers

eco ATWBeco ATWB-Eeco LSWE, and eco LRWB closed circuit coolers

Panel Hardware and Features
  • MODBUS 485 port
  • NEMA 4 enclosure
  • UL approval
  • Programmable Logic Control
  • Variable frequency drive(s)
  • Recirculating pump motor starter(s)
  • Fluid inlet/outlet temperature sensors with high and low alarm set points
  • Basin temperature sensors
  • Ambient dry bulb sensor
  • Main disconnect circuit breaker
  • Main Hand/Off/Auto switch [HOA]
  • DC power supply for the PLC and instruments
  • Control power transformer
  • Heater contactor with overload protection and temperature set points with fusing
  • 5-probe electronic water level control package
  • High/low water level alarm contacts
  • Fan motor: space heater control(s)
  • Relays for all PLC digital outputs
  • Terminal blocks for each PLC input/output
  • Ethernet connection between VFD(s), PLC and operator interface
Control Features
  • Manual operation of pumps and fans
  • Ability to enable or disable make-up valve
  • Power failure recovery timer
  • Ability to perform bump test
  • Visual status display of all unit components and accessories
  • Contacts and counter to record water usage
  • Contacts and analog signal for (customer supplied) conductivity meter
  • Backup with user settings and factory settings
  • Pump run time recorder
  • Fan motor run time recorder