For decades, cooling towers have provided the most efficient means of cooling large commercial buildings or industrial process loops by supplying the lowest operating temperatures. Yet, through the years, water-based cooling systems have evolved dramatically. Terminal units, chiller plant components, cooling towers (and fluid coolers), and the controls that tie them together have all made strides in efficiency, controllability, heat transfer and water conservation. The end-user, owner, installer and maintenance personnel all benefit. “Many facets of tower maintenance are still best conducted
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What’s your top priority? Conserving water? Maximizing energy efficiency? Having the option to do both? With our full spectrum of solutions from evaporative to dry cooling—including hybrid and adiabatic options—we can adapt to any application with the selection of the right equipment. EVAPCO provides a full spectrum of global product solutions for the Commercial HVAC, Industrial Refrigeration, Power Generation and Industrial Process markets.
technology for EVAPCO
We are proud to announce the formation of EVAPCO Select Technologies, following the acquisition of Select Technologies, Inc. EVAPCO Select Tech will pursue an expanding market demand for sophisticated control systems for Food Processing and Cold Storage facilities to optimize performance and improve system reliability. Our long-standing history of working with Select Technologies, Inc. in the past on complex projects for key food processing clients, puts this new partnership at a great advantage to provide new and innovative systems to the industries and markets we support. EVAPCO Select Tech
Evapco LMP
EVAPCO is proud to announce the formation of Evapco LMP, a wholly-owned subsidiary based in Laval, Quebec. EVAPCO LMP was formed following the strategic acquisition of Systèmes LMP. EVAPCO is now uniquely qualified to be “The Natural Leader” of environmentally friendly, natural refrigeration-based products and systems. EVAPCO LMP, whose core business is the design and manufacture of transcritical CO2 systems, allows us to expand our full spectrum of natural refrigerant-based solutions AND expand our low-charge, packaged refrigeration offerings to include not only ammonia-based Evapcold
25th Anniversary Ceremony Panorama
On Friday, September 10th, EVAPCO Asia Pacific marked 25 years of successful business in China and the greater Asia Pacific region with a grand ceremony, “Building Future Success.” Key customers, members of the consulting engineering community, sales representatives, suppliers, and leaders from both local government and the American business community in Shanghai joined EVAPCO employees to celebrate the past 25 years of EVAPCO achievements while looking to the future where EVAPCO aims to achieve even greater success with its partners. Thank you again to all attendees who joined us to celebrate
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Wet cooling towers can save an additional 56000 tons of CO2 per year. Click here to read the study and find out the energy saving potential of converting air-cooled chillers into water-cooled chillers.
NEW Evapco Mr GoodTower® Mobile App
We are proud to introduce the Evapco Mr. GoodTower® App for Mobile. Using the Mr.GoodTower app you can always stay in touch with Evapco. Requesting spare parts offers for all types of cooling towers, evaporative condensers or closed circuit coolers from your mobile phone becomes very fast and very simple! After installing the app you can immediately start searching for your spare parts: • Identify the unit • Consult the catalog to find the component you need • Indicate the plate data • Send the inquiry to Evapco
For decades now, evaporative cooling has been the principal means to regulate the temperature of buildings. And with more than 50% of total building water usage dedicated to heat transfer, there are major opportunities for water savings. Enter EVAPCO, a manufacturing company focused on heat transfer applications and a world leader in designing and manufacturing evaporative cooling products. I spoke with Dustin Cohick, Product Manager at EVAPCO, and Josh Boehner, Marketing Applications Engineer, to learn more about heat transfer and how EVAPCO’s technology can save water. Read the interview
atlas cooling tower
EVAPCO’s AT Atlas counterflow cooling towers – now in larger sizes – are designed in large, preassembled modules for ease of rigging and installation. As the most energy-efficient modular cooling tower on the market, the AT Atlas is unmatched in CTI-certified capacity per cell. Atlas series cooling towers range in capacity from 1,484 to 2,386 nominal tons per cell, providing up to 60 percent more cooling capacity per cell while requiring up to 40 percent less fan power per ton of cooling compared to traditional factory-assembled cooling towers. Available in Type 304 or Type 316 stainless steel
water saver in the news
Recently, The News featured EVAPCO's Water Saver in their publication. See it in the What's New section. Find information on the device that improves water efficiency by increasing operating cycles of concentration, which reduces blowdown and the use of treatment chemicals on our Water Saver page.